On Sep. 26th, 2017 in Enshi, Hubei, China hosted the World Tea Forum  and awarded World Tea Organization (WTeaO.orgMalaysian Director CK Liew (also Chairman of the Tea Trade Association of Malaysia founded since 1955), Indian Director Rajiv Lochan, ITC chairman Ian Gibbs, American Tea Association chairman Peter Goggi for outstanding performances. Enshi is known for the production of selenium-rich tea and the steamed green tea production which dates back to the Tang Dynasty. Enshi is also known for its cultural diversity and the location of this world tea forum is held in the  Enshi Tu and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

At this forum, 19 Chinese tea producing provinces and almost all tea export enterprises and well-known brands participated. World-wide, the representatives of tea industry organizations and tea business owners from 38 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions participated. It has become an world-renowned tea industry event.

– WTeaO.org News (with information from Mingbian茗边, headline news in tea industry http://zj.chinaso.com/zjzt/mbtt.html?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0)