Dr. Tea: World Tea Organization—My Love Tea Lecture (Harvard/MIT) 2017 series

Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) had been invited to lecture at Harvard/MIT/BU etc many times during the past years. This year a series of lectures will be given at Harvard/MIT etc. Here are some interesting topics on the waiting list. 

1 Anji White Tea —Science and Health Benefits

2 World Tea Organization— Connecting the World of/with Tea

3 Green Tea —Catechins and Anti-cancer Studies

4 World Tea Day —Tea Ceremonies and Tea for the World

5 Tea drinking in outer-space

6 Organic Tea

7 My Love Tea—Tea culture and business platform

8 Chinese Tea Industry— Now and Future

9 Oolong Tea—Science and Aroma

10 Black Tea: From Bohea to Boston

11 Chinese Tea and US Presidents

12 North American Chinese Tea Association

13 Dark Tea: Fermentation and

14 Ten most famous Chinese Tea

15 White Tea: Nature is the best remedy

16 Dr. Teas: Ancient to Modern

17 Tea and Public Health

18 Yellow Tea

19 Tea on Tea: the art of Tea

20 Functional Tea

21 Tea: Melody and Remedy

22 Beauty Tea

23 Tea and Chinese King

24 Tea Tours

25 Tea and Universe

26 Tea and Chinese Medicine

27 The Dao of Tea

28 Tea and the “Third World War”

29 Tea Harvard: Bohea Tea

30 Zen Tea

31 Oriental Exilir

32 Tea and 1B1R

33 Ten most famous Tea in the world

34 Moonlight Tea

35 The World of Tea

36 Tea and Cancer Prevention

37 Tea: A healthy living life

38 Recent Advances in Tea Science

39 Tea tasting and appreciation

In the coming years, World Tea Organization board members will be invited to offer lectures and share their expertise and experiences on tea at highly respected institutes. For more information, contact us at WTeaO@outlook.com or http://wteao.org/contact/