With the fast development of Asia, Asian American culture has a much influential Impact on the America society and the Love of Tea is definitely one of best example.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is now officially proclaimed as taking place in May, celebrating the culture, traditions, and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Also Boston City Council has just declared Sept. 10, 2016 as Asian American Day in Boston. Tea is definitely deeply rooted in the Asian and Pacific Islanders` culture, traditions, and history, thus tea should never be neglected. Luckily, the famous “Dr. Tea” (Dr. Xingcai Zhang) and the World Tea Organization, North American Chinese Tea Association and the My Love Tea Ceremony Team has brought the mysterious yet authentic oriental tea culture to the USA and North America.


US President`s family enjoying a tea fest with Chinese Consul Generals, with My Love Tea Ceremony Team, North American Chinese Tea Association team led by Dr. Tea (right photo from Chinese Foreign Ministry Website)

Dr. Tea was born and raised in the most famous tea production place in the world, Fujian, China and got his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine in United States and published his scientific paper <<Tea and Cancer Prevention>>. As the founder of Mylovetea.com and the head of North American Chinese Tea Association (NACTeaA), which are part of World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org), Dr. Tea and his team bring the tea culture to all aspect of American life. They held the World Tea Day at Harvard, MIT etc, expressing, sharing and spreading love through a cup of good tea. He brings the tea culture and tea ceremony to the highest level, even the former US president and the family speaks highly of his work and appreciate Dr.Tea`s tea calligraphy (Mylovetea fun art creating artworks using only tea and water) and scientific tea research.

world tea day world tea day harvard World-tea-day-banner

North American Chinese Tea Association (NACTeaA), as an important part of World Tea Organization (WTeaO), had held a lot of influential events。A case in point, the famous “World Tea Day” event held in Harvard/MIT etc attracted more than 70 International and national level reports in English, Chinese, Esperanto (the so-called World Language) etc. When interviewed, Dr. Tea said:”We bring the “Enjoy Tea” Culture from Ancient China to the world and express love through a cup of tea during the mylovetea ceremony! This event was widely responded all over China, French, India etc.


The World Tea Organization (WTeaO) also invites researchers in Food Science& Tea & Nano-medicine etc to lecture on Tea, Nanomedicine and human health etc at highly respected institutes like Harvard and MIT covering the History of Tea for Human Health, Chemistry and Health Benefits of Tea, Tea and Cancer Prevention/ Drug Delivery System etc by Dr. Zhang and Improving the Bioavailability of EGCG by Nanotechnology etc by professors showing a mix of Asian culture and the world advanced technology, also the tasting of a great variety of teas are offered on spot of the lectures.

lecture5 lecture 2016_MIT_Tea_Lecture

Tea tasting at WTeaO tea lectures at MIT

World Tea Organization also brings the tea culture to all levels of life including the kindergarten affiliated to Harvard University. Dr. Tea acts as Emperor Shen-Nong, the ancestor of China who has a transparent belly to testify different herbs and the first people in the world who began to know tea and use it as medicinal drink. He offered lectures at Harvard and write tea poems in the best form in Chinese history, the Tang Poetry form, which dates back to 1000 years ago, which is also the time when the <<Bible of Tea>> was written and spread out. Dr.Tea`s poetry can also be read and singed in the English form, with beautiful rhythms and rhymes. “Chinese Tang Poems are also considered to be the songs of their time. I am glad to make my poetry like pop in English and classical music in Chinese.” Said Dr. Tea. No wonder there is a saying that:” Through the Silk Road, tea has gone a long way to find a doctor.” (By Changhong Zhang, “Profile of Dr. Tea”). Here comes one of his poem and artwork to enjoy with a cup of love tea:

Health Goddess Tea 健康女神茶

—World Tea Organization Dr. Tea茶博士
海上仙山灵妙药   At the immortal mountain of the sea,

 there is an amazing medicinal tea.

莲花座上手中持 It is hold on the hand of lotus goddess of mercy.

柳枝甘露安溪涧 The immortal dew comes out with elegance

using the willow branch from the peace valley.

化度众生彼岸池 This is the curing key for everybody.


When asked about the latest events to offer, Dr. Tea said “We are going to bring more culture to North America, a case in point, the World Tea Organization My Love Tea Mooncake Festival is going to be held at MIT/Charles River. Participants will experience tea ceremony, Chinese Guqin performance, tea tasting with green tea mooncakes, poetry reading, playing puzzles etc. It will be a great experience of Authentic Asian Culture in North America. World Tea Organization is a world-wide platform that units and serves world tea associations, producers, merchandisers & tea lovers, and promotes the Tea Science, Tea Health, Tea Art and Tea Culture of “Healthy, Harmony, Pure, Nature” all over the world.  We are uniting the world through the love of a cup of tea.”