World Tea Organization President Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) and Board Directors deliver supportive messages and give keynote talks for the Anji World Tea Summit & Tea Expo. More than 1200 tea experts, merchandizers attend.


Anji World Tea Brand Summit&Expo had been jointly organized successfully by Anji County People’s GovernmentWorld Tea Organization and Tea Brand Research Center of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University. More than 1000 tea experts and merchandizers actively participate in the WTeaO World Tea Summit and it is been reported by China Daily, China News, China Tea Marketing Association, 163, Sohu, Sina etc highlighted Chinese Medias. World Tea Organization Board Directors Sheryl Johnson, Alexis  offer keynote speeches and are appointed as the world tea brand promoters. Prof. Xuezheng ShenThere is also a recorded video of World Tea Organization Board Directors lead by President Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea),  World Tea Organization Sri Lanka Director Janaki Kuruppu, Indian Director Rajiv Lochan etc played on the spot as the highlight of the World Tea Summit.


                 Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang), President of World Tea Organization

Prof. Zhucheng Su, advisory board member of,  President of the WTeaO Anji Tea Brand Summit.苏祝成教授,世界茶叶组织顾问委员会成员,安吉世界茶品牌大会主席。

Prof. Xuezheng Shen, Council Member of,  Host of the WTeaO Anji Tea Brand Summit。沈学政教授,世界茶叶组织理事,安吉世界茶品牌大会主持人。Sharyn Johnston,Australian Director of the World Tea Organization

Alexis Kaae, Denmark Director of World Tea Organization


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Reports from China main-stream medias for World Tea Organization Anji Bai Cha World Tea Summit:中国媒体(中国日报china daily 中新网China News 网易163 新浪Sina 搜狐Sohu 中国茶叶流通协会 China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA)中国农业国际合作促进会茶产业委员会capiaccti 中国网 china等)等关于世界茶叶组织安吉茶品牌高级论坛暨安吉白茶世界茶叶博览会的报道

World Tea Organization anji world tea summit
World Tea Organization anji world tea summit

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