World Tea Organization My Love Tea Mooncake Festival at MIT/Charles River

Host: World Tea Organization, North America Chinese Tea Association,, Dr. Tea @MIT, Cha River

When:09/14/2016  7 P.M.

Where: MIT Killian Court/Charles River, 77 Mass Ave, Cambridge,MA

What: Enjoy Guqin, Enjoy tea tasting, Enjoy Green Tea mooncakes, Enjoy Poetry. Enjoy Music, Show off your talents, Having fun and getting to know the WTeaO.

Tickets: click WTeaO My Love Tea Mooncake Festival Tickets or中秋茶月节/

and绿茶月饼/ for mooncakes.

Contact:225-304-1387 Dr. Tea;;

About WTeaO:

World Tea Organization is a world-wide platform that units and serves world tea associations, producers, merchandisers & tea lovers, and promotes the Tea Science, Tea Health, Tea Art and Tea Culture of “Healthy, Harmony, Pure, Nature” all over the world.

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  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea
    Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea

Tea Prepareded:

Lapsang Soughing Black Tea; Phoenix Oolong Tea; Moonlight White Tea;

Lapsing Soughing: father of world black tea

Tea Virgin:月光白茶/

Moon Light White Tea


Phoenix Oolong Tea

And the other tea specifically prepared is similar to Presidents` Tea enjoyed:

The Chinese version notice can be checked below: