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Yunnan TV station etc is coming to boston to interview World Tea Organization President Dr.Tea on tea, with a focus on how tea spread out all over the world, especially those interesting stories like US Presidents and (Chinese) Tea etc. For those (foreign friends) who are interested in Tea and the interview,contact Dr. Tea at 2253041387

Pu Erh Tea (including the Daughter`s Tea) etc provided by the (a world tea culture and trading platform recommended by World Tea Organization) will be served for those attend the interview.

  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea
    Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea

Pu Erh Tea is a type of famous tea from Yunnan province, South West China, and had been applied for tea ceremony and tasting for the US president`s family with Dr. Tea being the director and the North America Chinese Tea Association and team.


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Daughter Tea:

The origin of the name Daughter Tea comes from the traditon that in the tea village, girls pluck their own high-grade tea leaves, process and sell the tea to accumulate their own money for the purchase of dowry and get prepared for their marriage life. The Daughter Tea is picked freshly before the Grain Rain Day and only the high-end buds are picked so that the quality of the tea is very high and can be sold at a good price. Also, the Daughter Tea is also the tea girls drink before they get married and during the marriage. Daughter Tea shines their face and skin, keep them healthy, slim and beautiful.  The tightly-packed Daughter Tea produce a refreshing and energizing liquor with a strong enjoyable taste. The Daughter Tea are highly sought-after by Pu-erh tea collectors, and has won multiple awards nationwide. The area for the production of the Daughter Tea has a very good temperate climate with clean water and tall mountains, which attribute to the quality of their teas. Highly recommendated by Dr. Tea.



Health Benefits:

Help lose weight &Help decrease the blood pressure & improve blood circulation.

Help create a youthful complexion.Help improve immune system and fight aging.
Special flavor by adding some milk,lemon,honey as you wish
Can stock for long time, its value and aroma increase as time pass by, like many fine wines.

The following pictures are from My Love Tea Invited Trip to the tea villages




女儿茶的名字来源于明清及更早前的传统,女孩们在谷雨节前采摘新鲜的高品质的芽茶,自己加工成高档茶叶,自行销售茶叶所得积赞下来为自己添置嫁妆和准备婚礼及婚后所需的私房之用,也称私房茶。由于只采摘最好的茶芽,茶叶的质量很高,可以卖出个好价钱。同时,女儿茶也是女孩们婚前和婚礼上 的茶。女儿茶光亮女孩们的脸和皮肤,对女孩们的健康,苗条和美丽也起到了锦山添花的作用,喝着自己亲身采摘的女儿茶,姑娘们清爽而富有活力。女儿茶造型优美,色泽乌润显毫、香气清纯馥郁。汤色橙黄清亮、滋味醇爽回甘,常饮具有明目清心,提神养颜,抑菌治病之保健作用,在茶收藏中备受追捧,并赢得了多个全国乃至世界的奖项。女儿茶的产茶区域有着温和的气候,干净的水和高大的山脉,这都很好的保证了茶叶的品质,在国外,还有“减肥茶”、“美容茶’、“益寿茶”的称号。。Mylovetea茶博士强力推荐