By Dr. Wu Ping and Dr. Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea),

Sharyn Johnston,Australian director of the World Tea Organization(, Chairperson of Australasian Tea Association, Founder and Director of Australian Tea Masters,member of the Tea Industry Committee of China Association for the Promotion of International Agriculture Cooperation (TICCAPIAC) and member of the Chinese Tea Expert Committee. She is on the advisory board for international Tea masters Cup. She is also regularly asked to be a guest judge at tea competitions around the world. With a social media network of over 15,000 followers and a strong tea focused network around the globe, she is a well-respected member of the global tea community.

Sharyn founded Australian Tea Masters in 2011 and the Singapore office in 2016. Australian Tea Masters is now the leading organization for tea training and tea education in Australasia. Sharyn has worked with some of the world’s leading tea experts to develop the training material used in the Australian Tea Masters “Certified Tea Master course”. Meanwhile,Sharyn has also developed the only government accredited Tea Sommelier Course, the first set of tea standards for Australia. In 2015 she launched the first tea expo in Australia which is uniting together in 2017 with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in 2017 making it the largest tea and coffee expo to be held in Australia.

Sharyn works really hard to promote tea culture. Her passion is to educate people about tea in general but she focus more on specialty tea including the history of tea. Her team have developed many tools for use in the tea industry such as a tea flavor wheel, tea aroma training kit, Tea101 online training and the first Australian government accredited Tea Sommelier training for use in hospitality. They also own and run Australian Tea Expo and Golden Leaf awards.

In addition,Sharyn works extensively in Korea. For her contribution to the development and promotion of Korean Tea culture, she was given a special award from the Cultural foundation in Korea. For more information about our advisors, directors, board members and collaborations, please feel free to contact [email protected] or

莎琳·约翰斯顿,世界茶叶组织(澳大利亚方负责人,澳洲茶叶组织主席,澳大利亚茶叶大师协会创始人兼董事,中国农业国际合作促进会茶产业委员(TICCAPIAC)委员,中国茶叶专家委员会委员,国际茶叶大师杯赛的顾问,经常受邀赴世界各地担任茶叶大赛评委。莎琳拥有一个超过 15,000追随者的社交媒体网络和一个强大的茶叶聚焦网站,她在全球茶叶团体中备受尊敬。

2011年,莎琳 · 约翰斯顿成立了澳大利亚茶叶大师组织,并于2016年在新加坡成立了办事处。澳大利亚茶叶大师组织是澳大利亚茶叶培训和茶叶教育的领导者。莎琳曾与世界顶尖茶叶专家共同开发了由澳大利亚“茶叶大师组织认证课程”的培训教材。同时,莎琳还开发了唯一被政府认可的茶艺师课程标准,这也是澳大利亚的首个茶叶标准。2015 年,她在澳大利亚推出了首届茶叶博览会,并联合2017墨尔本国际咖啡博览会(MICE)将于2017年举办澳大利亚最大的茶与咖啡博览会。

莎琳竭力推广茶文化,致力于基本茶类的讲授,尤其关注特种茶与茶的历史。她的团队开发了许多可用于茶产业的产品,例如茶叶风味轮、 茶叶香气培训组件、 茶叶百问在线培训以及首批澳大利亚政府认可的酒店茶艺师培训。他们也拥有并运行澳大利亚茶博会与金叶奖。

此外,莎琳也在韩国广泛开展合作。由于对发展和促进韩国茶文化所作的贡献,她还获得了韩国文化基金会授予的特别奖。关于世界茶叶组织更多资讯与合作,欢迎联系[email protected] 或者


Comments by Rajiv Lochan ( Indian Director):

To train the masters you need a master and that is where Shrayan Johnson excells at. Coming out of nowhere almost from the land which didn’t see tea till recently or even drank it regularly,  she is risen as a new star on the horizon of tea education worldwide and the Tea Master’s Cup is emerging as a new standard in the tea culture stage which had the boundaries in the limited area of China, Taiwan and Japan only. Our association is new but the implications are deep as the beard scratching tea producers have to be converted into high wage paying tea performers and that being not an easily achievable task – yet the beginning has been made and boundaries are being redrawn by her jetsetting over the globe.