UN 2023 international tea day stamps
UN 2023 international tea day stamps

In 2019, the United Nations General Assembly designated May 21 as International Tea Day. This annual observance aims to increase awareness about the extensive historical, cultural, and economic significance of tea.

The objectives of International Tea Day include promoting sustainable tea production and consumption while highlighting the vital role of tea in addressing hunger and poverty. For more details, http://wteao.org/happy-worldteaday-may21/

2019年,联合国大会将5月21日定为国际茶日。 这一年度纪念活动旨在提高人们对茶的广泛历史、文化和经济意义的认识。

国际茶日的目标包括促进可持续的茶叶生产和消费,同时强调茶叶在解决饥饿和贫困方面的重要作用。 更多详情,http://wteao.org/happy-worldteaday-may21/