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World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) is a world-wide platform that unites and serves world tea associations, experts, producers, merchandisers & tea lovers, and promotes the Tea Science, Tea Health, Tea Art, Tea Business and Tea Culture of “Healthy, Harmony, Pure, Nature” all over the world. World Tea Organization`s mission is to make the world a better tea world, make it easier for the tea industry worldwide. Also, we apply tea as a platform for culture, art, science and technology development, for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. We are connecting the world of tea and the world with tea.

World Tea Organization is made up of advisory board members, directors, council members, members and volunteers. Advisory board members are the most highly respected tea Professors world-wide, who have made great contribution to the tea society. For example,  Mr. Tianfu Zhang is the 108 years old Chinese Tea Immortal and widely known as the No.1 tea expert in China, who made the first Chinese tea machine, initiated the first tea institute and make great contributions to the tea culture and the tea industry, especially in the organic tea production in China.  Prof. Zhonghua Liu is the only candidate for Chinese Academy of Engineering in the tea industry and had been awarded twice China National Science and Technology Award and had served as VP or President for most Chinese National Level Tea Institutes. Prof. Lizhi Gao is a world pioneer in tea tree genomics. Prof. Yuefei Wang etc are deans for tea studies of renowned universities like Zhejiang University. Prof. Dongmei Shen is the highest respect tea expert in Chinese Academy of Social Science and Prof Yoo Yang-Seek is the Executive Director Korean Tea Society; Advisor of Myungwon Cultural Foundation and was the author of the first comprehensive book about Korean tea culture in English, ‘The Book of Korean Tea’ in 2007.  Prof. Qizhen Du,  Prof. Zhucheng Su etc are highly accomplished professor in tea science, economy and culture.

World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) have directors in US, UK, EU, China, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark, South Korea,who themselves are mostly the President of their national tea associations etc.  Rajiv Lochan is world renowned tea experts. Sharyn Johnston,  CK Lieu Marco BertonaJanaki Kuruppu Alexis Kaae etc are all world renowned tea association President of their continentals or countries.

Our council members including those from Harvard, MIT, tea associations, tea institutes, tea companies, tea lovers etc, most have Ph.D. degrees or are professors, like Prof. Xuezheng Shen who help coorganize the world tea summit, Dr. Ping Wu, Prof. Jiang help organizing, translating and editing and contribute a lot. Mr. Dan Bolton works on tea journey and tea journal area. We are also including those who already make their contribution and will continuously to make high impact contributions in the world of tea. We also have CEO level members who are innovators, entrepreneurs and investors who are connected through tea. We provide the fundamental platform and marketing reach to help tea associations, merchants, brands that provide products, services to engage with their customers. Our activities include world-class tea lectures, conferences, events, world tea day etc to serve the world to be a better tea world.

  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea
    Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea

Prof. Mildred Dresshauls is the Advisory Board President of World Tea Organization. She is MIT Institute Professor who had won numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, the National Science Medal from President Bush, the Fermi Award, the Kavli Prize, etc, and 33 honorary doctorates worldwide. She has served as president of the American Physical Society, the first female president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and treasurer of the National Academy of Sciences. She was also the Chief editor of Science magazine. She also got the UNESCO Awards for Women in Science, 2007, considered to be the one the five most outstanding female scientist all over the world. She is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences(1985), the National Academy of Engineering(1974), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, American Carbon Society, the American Physical Society, the IEEE, the Materials Research Society, the Society of Women Engineers, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and American Carbon Society etc. She is the co-author of eight books and about 1700 papers covering a wide range of problems. She is the Queen of Carbon, the science of tea is highly affiliated to the science of Carbon since tea is mostly made out of Carbon. She is also a renowned scientist and celebrity in promoting the healthy life style, also the tea culture of “Healthy Harmony Pure Nature”. 

North America Chinese Tea Association, Mylovetea.com, Dr. Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea) are representative (Association, Company, tea lover) members of the World Tea Organization. Dr. Tea is the world renowned tea expert on tea science, culture, health, engineering, art, poetry, history who comes from the best known tea base in China: Fujian. Dr. Tea had published scientific paper <<Tea and Cancer Prevention>> etc (his papers cited by scientific journals more than 300 time) and lectured at World Renowned Institutes (Harvard;MIT etc) many times, directing tea ceremony for US President`s family and Chinese Consulate Generals and had been interviewed and reported hundreds of times by main-stream medias. Dr. Tea now serves as the President of World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org).

World Tea Organization organize a lot of events like World Tea Brand Summit&World Tea Expo, World Tea Day, World-class Tea Lectures on Tea science, culture, health etc at the world renowned institutes like Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Tufts University, Chinese Consulate Generals etc. In the near future we are going to organize highest level tea events inviting world class tea experts and world wide leaders.

world tea day enjoy tea
world tea day enjoy tea

World Tea Brand Summit&Expo organized or co-organized by World Tea Organization usually has more than 1000 tea experts and merchandizers participants and was highly reported by famous medias. World Tea Organization Board Directors offer keynote speeches. There are plenty of those kind of tea summit&Expo opportunities related to World Tea Organization. The WTeaO board will work together for those World Tea Brand Summit&Expo.

World Tea Day was initiated from 2005 among world tea production countries. Through 12 years of efforts, more than 45 countries from all over the world now participated in the World Tea Day events. World Tea Day event had been introduced by World Tea Organization President Dr. Tea to  (former) UN Secretary General, US Presidents etc and get supported. The slogan initiated by World Tea Organization for World Tea Day is “Enjoy Tea” which means “Enjoy Tea, Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Moment”. It is adopted from Buddha Zhaozhou (778–897) of Chinese Tang Dynasty who lived 120 years. The activities of World Tea Day include: My Love Tea Ceremony; Respect the Elderly Tea Fest; Tea and Love Movie Fest; World Tea Day lectures etc. My Love Tea Ceremony is a tea ceremony which expresses love through a cup of tea. People sit in a circle, prepare and serve tea to those who sit next to them and forms a directional flow of love by serving tea. My Love Tea Ceremony shows all participants that “The World is one, I love everyone, everyone loves me”. This event had been introduced to and supported by (former) UN Secretary General, US Presidents etc.


ban ki-moon for world tea day 潘基文签名世界饮茶日

UN Secretary General ban ki-moon for world tea day 潘基文签名世界饮茶日

dr tea and president bush

dr tea and president bush

Cambridge&Boston, MA of United States are our headquarter base and World Tea Organization national directors` working locations are our worldwide location bases. Our international high-level  board members are updating.

If you want to organize, participate or share your involvement in the World Tea Organization events or become a member, please feel free to contact WTeaO.org [email protected] 001-2253041387 or http://wteao.org/contact/.

You can also share useful information to World Tea Organization Facebook page:https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1398918880428431&tsid=0.7113174288533628&source=result

We love our members and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.