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MIT Lecture: World Tea Day

Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang), President of World Tea Organization (, will offer lectures on World Tea Day. High quality teas will be served.

MIT Lectures: Sat,Sun 1-3 p.m., Apr 15-June 15, 2017

Introduction:World Tea Day was initiated from 2005 among world tea production countries. Through 12 years of efforts, more than 45 countries from all over the world now participated in the World Tea Day events. The slogan initiated by World Tea Organization for World Tea Day is “Enjoy Tea” which means “Enjoy Tea, Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Moment”. It is adopted from Buddha Zhaozhou (778–897) of Chinese Tang Dynasty who lived 120 years. The activities of World Tea Day include: My Love Tea Ceremony; Respect the Elderly Tea Fest; Tea and Love Movie Fest; World Tea Day lectures etc. My Love Tea Ceremony is a tea ceremony which expresses love through a cup of tea. People sit in a circle, prepare and serve tea to those who sit next to them and forms a directional flow of love by serving tea. My Love Tea Ceremony shows all participants that “The World is one, I love everyone, everyone loves me”. This event had been introduced to and supported by (former) UN Secretary General, US Presidents etc.

If you want to organize, participate or share your involvement in the World Tea Day event, please feel free to contact [email protected] or

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ban ki-moon for world tea day 潘基文签名世界饮茶日
UN Secretary General ban ki-moon for world tea day 潘基文签名世界饮茶日
dr tea and president bush
dr tea and president bush

In China, it is initiated by eight major China national-level tea research, education and culture agencies in year 2005 and was first officially held in China in Apr. 20th, 2009 at Hangzhou West Lake International Tea Culture Expo. The “World Tea Day” had thus been held in China for 9 years continuously.

The World Tea Day was first introduced to North America by Dr. Xingcai Zhang at Harvard & MIT etc, and then also in French, India etc and had attract tremendous attention worldwide. This year, World Tea Organization and its corresponding directors and association members world-wide, North American Chinese Tea Association,, Hangzhou city government, China Radio International, nine major China national-level tea research, education and culture agencies (including Chinese International Tea Culture Promotion Base), Zhejiang University (led by Prof. Yuefei Wang), Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University (led by Prof. Xufeng Wang), Hunan Agriculture and Forestry University (led by Prof. Zhonghua Liu), Hangzhou tea promotion association etc. are the main organizers of the World Tea Day event, accompanied by all kinds of tea organizations around the World.

At Harvard University and MIT, in front of Harvard statue, Harvard Square and MIT campus where tea-tables are set-up with good famous teas from China and the world. People gathered and sit around tables, under the guidance of Dr. Tea etc. Rather than serving themselves or by Dr. Tea, people serve the ones right besides them. By doing this, love moves on and ultimately everyone who served others was rewarded with a cup of tea with love and gratitude, people began to understand the meaning of Dao and Tea is love, and understand that “the World is one, I love everyone, and everyone loves me”. Therefore it is named as Mylovetea Ceremony that is expressing love through a cup of tea.

The World Tea Day event slogan is “Enjoy Tea”, adopted from Buddha Zhaozhou, who lived an age of 120, meaning “enjoy tea, enjoy life, enjoy the moment” as is said by Dr. Tea. It was also introduced to senior President Bush`s family by Dr. Tea at the beginning of May, 2016.

The World Tea Day had gained mass interest and media reports.Taking the The World Tea Day held at North American for example, it had been reported 100 times by China Radio International CRI, China Daily USA, Chinese Tea Academy/Headlines in Tea, Bostonese, Singtao Internation, Hangzhou Tea Promotion Association, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University News, Tea Stories, Jinan Times Tea Newspaper, Hunan TV Tea channel etc.

This is a free lecture. However donation is recommended for us to offer better tea and lectures for all. The tea service etc is kindly offered by


“Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) ” is the President of World Tea Organization(, North American Chinese Tea Association and “Dr. Tea” is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT. He was born from Fujian, China, which is the origin of world black tea & oolong tea &white tea and the best known tea production base in China. He finished his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine (drugs/herbs for cancer treatment) and published <<Tea and Cancer Prevention>> etc papers on <<Advanced Drug Delivery Review>>, <<Nanomedicine: NBM>>,<<Journal of Cancer Research Updates>> etc journals with more than 300 scientific citations. He had be invited for tea lectures at Harvard/MIT/BU etc many times and had been reported hundreds of times by the top level US and China news agencies in English, Chinese and Esperanto. is also a link for registration and donation. For contact: Phone: 225-3041387 [email protected] [email protected]

Location:Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

77 Massachusetts Avenue Killian Court, Cambridge, MA 02139

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