UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for World Tea Day signed and dated at Harvard on Apr 25th, 2017 with Dr. Tea, President of World Tea Organization

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  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea
    Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea

#World Tea Day, Enjoy Tea#: Express Love Through a Cup of Tea.

Introduction:World Tea Day was initiated from 2005 among world tea production countries. Through 12 years of efforts, more than 45 countries from all over the world now participated in the World Tea Day events. The slogan initiated by World Tea Organization for World Tea Day is “Enjoy Tea” which means “Enjoy Tea, Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Moment”. It is adopted from Buddha Zhaozhou (778–897) of Chinese Tang Dynasty who lived 120 years. The activities of World Tea Day include: My Love Tea Ceremony; Respect the Elderly Tea Fest; Tea and Love Movie Fest; World Tea Day lectures etc. My Love Tea Ceremony is a tea ceremony which expresses love through a cup of tea. People sit in a circle, prepare and serve tea to those who sit next to them and forms a directional flow of love by serving tea. My Love Tea Ceremony shows all participants that “The World is one, I love everyone, everyone loves me”. This event had been introduced to and supported by (former) UN Secretary General, US Presidents etc.

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2017年4月25日在哈佛大学,世界茶叶组织总干事,(汉语茶文化推广基地)北美华茶驿站总负责人茶博士张兴才向联合国秘书长潘基文介绍了世界茶叶组织世界饮茶日在哈佛大学麻省理工学院和45个国家的开展情况,茶博士说:“世界饮茶日通过一杯茶传递一份愛,展现自然健康纯美和谐的茶道精神和享受当下“吃茶去“的禅茶妙意“,联合国秘书长潘基文提笔签名写下了#World Tea Day! Enjoy Tea!#即“世界饮茶日 吃茶去“#!这生花妙笔为世界饮茶日和茶文化与茶健康在世界的推广普及起到了画龙点睛的作用。



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