“I think the World Tea Organization is great!”. “I like that the organization collaborates with tea enthusiasts around the world in order to educate people.” “I would encourage all people curious about tea to become involved with World Tea Organization,”—Nyasha Borde,  Harvard University Philosophy Department assistant, 2016-2018

BOSTON – Following a recent lecture on all things on tea, Xingcai Zhang, also known as “Dr. Tea,” reached the part of the presentation that everyone had been waiting for: He brought out a kettle and poured steaming hot samples.—Peter Chen, NEU, Interview with Dr. Tea and people around WTeaO, 2017

“La 16an de aprilo en la usona Placo Harvard okazis ago pri Tago de Te-Trinkado, kiun profesoro Zhang Xingcai organizis. Tiutage en Ĉinio, Barato kaj Francio okazis similiaj agoj por celebri la Tagon de Te-Trinkado. Teo ligis diverslandajn personojn.”—Ĝoja, esperanto.cri.cn,  World Tea Day, 2016

“Perhaps it was the addition of the fabled British tea, but this year’s reenactment really did seem extra special. Though the reenactment used 450 pounds of tea, This man (Dr. Tea) brought his own box to toss into the Harbor.”—Ryan Breslin / Boston.com at Boston Tea Party Reenactment, 2015.

boston globe drtea

“Through the Silk Road, tea has gone a long way to find a doctor.”—C. Zhang “Profile of Dr. Tea”, interview after Dr. Tea`s Harvard Lecture “Bohea Tea: The World Tea Culture Bridge”, 2015-2016

“‘Dr Tea’ takes on US market“—May Zhou, China Daily USA, 2014

“I can see tea in your blood, in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul.”—Bill Marcus (Fox News Radio) “Interview with the very famous Dr. Tea” at the Boston Tea Party Reenactment, 2014.

Introduction to “Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang)”

“Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) ” is the President of World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org), North American Chinese Tea Association and Mylovetea.com, and a postdoctoral associate and fellow at world-leading research institutes. Dr. Zhang is an invited science writer for Nature, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Elsevier Materials Today 100+ journals. Dr. Zhang serves as a Scientific Editor/Advisory Board Member for high-impact nanomaterials journals, cancer journals, and drug journals for Wiley/Springer Nature/Future Publishing Group, etc. He is also a Nature Nano Ambassador.  Dr. Zhang supported the Nature VP &Nature team for the publication of Nature Outlook Tea and got acknowledged by Nature VP. “Dr. Tea” was born in Fujian, China, which is the origin of world black tea & oolong tea &white tea and the best-known tea production base in China. He finished his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine (anti-cancer natural-product drug delivery systems). Dr. Zhang published <<A materials-science perspective on tackling COVID-19>>, <<Tea and Cancer Prevention>>, <<New epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) nanocomplexes co-assembled with 3-mercapto-1-hexanol and β-lactoglobulin for improvement of antitumor activity>>,<<Effect of Fermentation Conditions and Plucking Standards of Tea Leaves on the Chemical Components and Sensory Quality of Fermented Juice>>, and <<Polyphenol and self-assembly: metal polyphenol nanonetwork for drug delivery and pharmaceutical applications>> etc (100+) papers on “Nature Reviews Materials”, “Nature Nanotechnology”,“Matter”,”Nature Communications”,”Science Advances”, “National Science Review”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America“, “Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)”, “Advanced Materials”, “Angewandte Chemie”, “Materials Today”, “Chemical Society Review”, “Nano-Micro Letters”, “Progress in Materials Science”,”Molecular Plant”, “Nano Today”, “Advanced Functional Materials”, “Advanced Energy Materials”, “Advanced Drug Delivery Review”, “ACS Nano”,”ACS Central Science”, “Nanomedicine: NBM”,“Carbon”,“Materials Today Chemistry”, “Materials Today Advances”, “Biosensors and Bioelectronics”,”ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces”,”Chemical Communications”, “Journal of Cancer Research Updates”, “Chemical Engineering Journal”,”Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry”, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology”, “ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering”,“Polymer Chemistry”, “Journal of Materials Chemistry B”,“Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics”,“Langmuir”, “Polymer”,“Journal of Chemistry”, “Applied Nanoscience”,”Macromolecular Bioscience”, “Nanomaterials”,”Future Drug Discovery”,”Therapeutic Delivery”, “Biomolecules”,”Jounal of Cancer”, “Cancer Management and Research”, “Carbohydrate Polymers”, “ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering”, “Journal of Alloys and Compounds”,”RSC Advances” journals etc with more than 1600 scientific citations. He had been invited for tea lectures at Harvard/MIT/BU etc many times and had been reported hundreds of times by the top-level US and China news agencies in English, Chinese, and Esperanto. 


North American Chinese Tea Association (NACTeaA)  http://wteao.org/nacteaa/

North American Chinese Tea Association is a renowned association of World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org). It is widely known since it is being reported by hundreds of times as by main-stream media for carrying out the World Tea Day at Harvard, MIT; serving and organization the tea ceremony for President Senior Bush`s family at the Chinese Consulate General in the USA; co-hosting the World Tea Organization lecture at MIT and the World Tea Organization Mid-autumn tea ceremony at MIT/Charles River, etc. It has a correspondence part in China as the China National Tea Culture Promotion Center. Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) serves as the President of the North American Chinese Tea Association (NACTeaA). Prof. Xufeng Wang, President of China National Tea Culture Promotion Center serves as the Advisory Board President of NACTeaA.

Mylovetea.com is a quality tea trading platform recommended by World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org).

It was initially founded by Dr. Tea as being the creator and leader of the world tea culture of “Healthy Harmony Pure Nature” and the providing of the best quality tea all over the world. With the development of World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) and Mylovetea.com, it is a highly recommended website for quality tea and is now even more open to the world quality tea merchandisers, tea farmers and tea lovers. Besides the vast majority of teas from all over the world that is already available on the site being enjoyed by tea lovers worldwide, it is now a worldwide platform that quality tea companies and brands can also join and participate in serving tea lovers worldwide better.

“Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang)”

“Dr. Tea” had given tea lectures in Harvard including the last lecture of the first century and the first lecture of the new century at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Yen-ching Library, MIT, Tufts University, BU, Emerson College etc. Most “tea-friends” nicknamed the Mylovetea company and the founder as “Dr. Tea” showing their respect and love for Dr. Tea`s expertise in tea!

“Dr. Tea” has been reported by China Daily USA, Harvard Political Review, Partiot Ledger,Foxx News Radio, the Bostonese, the Boston Globe, Boston.com, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Chinese Tea Museum, Chinese Tea Academy/ Headline in Tea Society, China Radio International, CNTV, ChinaNews, Xinhua Net, China Education Online,CCTV Financeifeng(Phoenix TV), Guangming Web, China.com, Yunnan TV station,World Journal, World Hall of Fame Network,  Tea NewspaperSouthern US 55.5 TV station, Southern News, Chinese Times, Sina, 163, SohuDr. Shanta Griffin, Singtao Internation, Qiao Bao,  most tea industry medias and many other media, as well as to all communities for their love and appreciation of World Tea Organization, North American Chinese Tea Association and Mylovetea.com and Dr. Tea`s effort to lead the World/Chinese tea science and culture to a new era.


fox news voa friends

Dr. Tea with Foxx News & VOA friends @ Mylovetea.com


茶博士:张兴才博士,世界茶叶组织(WTeaO.org)总干事,北美华茶驿站总负责人,Mylovetea.com茶博士公司创始人,人称“茶博士”,博士后,美国纳米药物博士,在世界高影响因子科学期刊发表论文超过100篇,拥有美国纳米抗癌药物博士等5个学位,科学论文被引用次数超过1600次,是Springer-Nature杂志的副主编, 是英国皇家化学会, Nature和Elsevier材料类过百种科学杂志的特约科学评论员,Nature Nano大使,也是Wiely,Springer-Nature等国际出版集团癌症期刊,纳米期刊,药物期刊的编委/专家顾问委员会成员,协助Nature副总裁及Nature编委们出版了Nature的茶专刊,Nature副总裁特别写感谢信慰问致谢。张博士本人在茶领域的贡献获得主流媒体近千篇报道,不少论文被美国科学院癌症研究领域2013年新晋院士Paula Hammond等多次引用。茶博士的文章“茶与癌症预防(Tea and Cancer Prevention)” , “新型表没食子儿茶素没食子酸酯(EGCG)与3-巯基-1-己醇和β-乳球蛋白共组装纳米复合物用于改善抗肿瘤活性的研究 (New epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) nanocomplexes co-assembled with 3-mercapto-1-hexanol and β-lactoglobulin for improvement of antitumor activity)”, “茶叶发酵条件和采摘标准对发酵茶汤化学成分和感官品质的影响(Effect of Fermentation Conditions and Plucking Standards of Tea Leaves on the Chemical Components and Sensory Quality of Fermented Juice)”, (茶)多酚与自组装:金属多酚纳米网络在药物开发和药物递送中的应用(Polyphenol and self-assembly: metal polyphenol nanonetwork for drug delivery and pharmaceutical applications)等文章发表于<<Nature Reviews Materials>>, <<Nature Nanotechnology>>,<<Matter>>,<<Nature Communications>>,<<Science Advances>>, <<National Science Review>>, <<Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America>>, <<Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)>>, <<Advanced Materials>>, <<Angewandte Chemie>>, <<Materials Today>>, <<Chemical Society Review>>, <<Nano-Micro Letters>>, <<Progress in Materials Science>>,<<Molecular Plant>>,<<Nano Today>>, <<Advanced Materials>>, <<Advanced Functional Materials>>, <<Advanced Energy Materials>>, <<Advanced Drug Delivery Review>>,<<ACS Nano>>,<<ACS Central Science>>, <<Nanomedicine:NBM>>,<<Carbon>>, <<Materials Today Chemistry>>, <<Materials Today Advances>>, <<Biosensors and Bioelectronics>>, <<ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces>>,<<Chemical Communications>>, <<Journal of Cancer Research Updates>>,<<Chemical Engineering Journal>>,<<Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry>>,<<Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology>>, <<ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering >>, <<Polymer Chemistry>>, <<Journal of Materials Chemistry B>>,<<Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics>>,<<Langmuir>>,<<Polymer>>, <<Journal of Chemistry>>, <<Applied Nanoscience>>,<<Macromolecular Bioscience>>,<<Nanomaterials>>,<<Future Drug Discovery>>,<<Therapeutic Delivery>>,<<Biomolecules>>,<< Jounal of Cancer>>, << Cancer Management and Research>>, <<Carbohydrate Polymers>>,<<ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering>>, <<Journal of Alloys and Compounds>>, <<RSC Advances>>等杂志。茶博士带领过世界茶叶组织,北美华茶驿站和Mylovetea.com团队组织过诸多有世界影响的活动,在哈佛/麻省理工举办的世界饮茶日(world tea day 全民饮茶日)等活动获得近百篇主流媒体报道,受中国驻休斯敦总领馆邀请带队为美国老布什总统家族进行了全面的茶道茶艺茶文化茶历史茶科学茶健康和茶丹青等等的全面展示,获得了总统家族极高的赞誉,活动照片被中国外交部网站重点展示。茶博士主持主讲过在麻省理工举办的世界茶叶组织“茶,纳米药物与人类健康”讲座,中秋琴茶诗月雅集等诸多既有影响和意义的活动,茶博士应邀出席的讲座涵盖了哈佛大学公共卫生学院前一百年的最后一场演讲和新一百年的第一场演讲,以及哈佛燕京中国文化工作坊的《武夷茶:世界历史的桥梁》等演讲,2016年底在云南电视台专程来波士顿对茶博士张兴才进行专访后茶博士进一步在哈佛公卫学院开展了新的普洱茶讲座,并将云南茶与武夷茶一起对世界茶叶历史进行了提炼,在世界范围内极大的推进了茶科学茶文化走向了一个全新的高度,也为中国茶在世界上的地位和贡献正名。茶博士张兴才连年应邀出席波士顿茶叶党超过5000人参加的周年庆典,并在现场被美国著名记者Bill Marcus全场追踪采访(采访题目為:“Interview with the very famous Dr. Tea”),茶博士独自倾倒家乡茶也被记者ryan记录下来并成为波士顿网boston.com的年度倾茶特别纪念照片, 茶博士张兴才也广泛的向美国总统和州长们介绍了来自家乡福建的武夷茶在整个世界历史包括波士顿茶叶党事件中的桥梁作用。茶博士共创作“唐诗”近体体诗超过1000首,部分发表在北美华人作家协会等杂志上。茶博士带领世界茶叶组织(WTeaO.org),北美华茶驿站,Mylovetea.com茶博士融合茶的科学,工程,文化,健康,养生,艺术,诗歌,茶道和茶史等為一体,创造和引领著“自然,健康,纯美,和谐”的茶文化和茶的生活方式,受到世界各大主流媒体的几百篇的广泛报道,特别是:中国日报美国版,美国有线电视新闻网(福克斯新闻广播),波士顿网,波士顿双语网,波士顿环球报,中国国际广播电台,凤凰网,央视网,中新网,中国教育在线,中国茶叶博物馆,中茶院茗边头条,中国网,世界日报,世界名人网,美南电视台,云南电视台,美南新闻,华夏时报,侨报,星岛日报,茶报,波士顿第一中文台和其他各大媒体的诸多报道,以及各大社区广泛的喜爱,引领着世界茶的健康科技和文化的新纪元。


Mylovetea.com Dr. Tea at Boston Tea Party Reenactment

Qiaobao Report on Dr. Tea
Qiaobao Report on Dr. Tea

Mylovetea是“自然,健康,纯美,和谐”的世界(茶)文化的创造者和引领者,是优质茶的供应商。“茶博士”在获得了纳米药物(用于治疗癌症)领域的博士学位等5个学位后,创办了集优质茶供应,茶的科学,工程,文化,健康,养生,艺术,诗歌,茶道和茶史等为一体的大型文化平台:茶中哈佛科技文化社区。 “茶博士”的讲座涵盖了哈佛大学公共卫生学院前一百年的最后一场演讲和新一百年的第一场演讲,哈佛燕京图书馆讲座等。茶友(客户)们也将Mylovetea.com公司及其创始人昵称为“茶博士”,显示出了大家对Mylovetea“茶博士”的认可和喜爱!


茶博士也感谢来自各大媒体的众多有分量的报道,特别是:中国日报美国版,哈佛政治评论,美国有线电视新闻网(福克斯新闻广播),波士顿双语网,波士顿环球报, 波士顿杂志,爱国者报, Boston.com,中国茶叶博物馆,中茶院/茗边头条,世界日报,世界名人网,Dr. Shanta Griffin, 美南电视台55.5频道,美南新闻,华夏时报,V生活,侨报,星岛日报,世界精品网和其他各大媒体的近千次的报道,以及各大社区广泛的喜爱,引领着世界茶的健康科技和文化的新纪元。