Marco Bertona, Italy Director of World Tea Organization

By Dr. Wu Ping and Dr. Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea),

Marco Bertona, Italy Director of the World Tea Organization (, Chairman of the ADeMaThe Tea Association of Italy, National Delegate (Italy) at the Intergovernmental Group (IGG) on Tea of FAO, Founder and President of the International Slow Tea Association, member of the International Tea Research Alliance of India New Delhi, expert on Tea Science in Europe. He was frequently invited to attend high-end meetings on tea around the world and delivered keynote speeches.

He is also a disseminator of Chinese tea and tea culture. He had studied in Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and got the Chinese advanced tea-taster certificate, is the only one to receive the certificate in Europe. He toured and investigated tea plantations around China, did not care for wealth or fame, but made unremitting efforts to promote Chinese tea and tea culture in overseas. Based on his outstanding contribution to the tea culture exchange between China and Italy, Marco was conferred to lifetime achievement award of tea culture ambassador in 2015 Milan Expo.

ADeMaThe Tea Association of Italy is a non-profit national professional tea association of Italy. It is committed to the dissemination of tea culture, the popularization of tea knowledge, the training of tea industry skills, as well as the sales on tea market and the consultation of import & export of tea trade. It is the only association in Italy with the integration of tea culture, tea specialty and tea industry. It’s not only the first tea association in Italy, but also the oldest, even the leader and Navigator of the development of Italy tea industry. For more information about our advisors, directors, board members and collaborations, please feel free to contact [email protected] or





意大利茶业协会是意大利非营利性质的国家专业茶协会。协会致力于茶文化的传播、茶叶专业知识的普及、茶叶行业审评技能的培训,以及茶叶市场的销售和茶叶进出口贸易咨询,是意大利唯一的集茶文化、茶学专业及茶商行业为一体的专业茶行业协会,它不仅是意大利第一个茶协会,也是意大利历史最悠久的茶协会,更是意大利茶业发展的领头军和导航者。关于世界茶叶组织更多资讯与合作,欢迎联系[email protected] 或者