By Rajiv Lochan, Dr. Wu Ping and Dr. Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea),

Rajiv Lochan, Indian Director of World Tea Organization, “ambassador of tea” of India in China, Indian Tea Producer and Specialist, Founder of Lochan Tea Limited, West Bengal.

Rajiv joined the tea industry in 1974. He has extensive experience with Darjeeling teas. Rajiv has focused for years on improving the Indian tea industry. In particular he has studied the Chinese model of tea business, and has been synchronising with theirs to improve the image and marketing of Indian teas worldwide. His Doke Tea plantation is also a learning center for students from around the world who get the opportunity to learn tea production and  come away with not only a deeper knowledge of tea but also with ideas on marketing and promotion. Tourists who desire the experience of staying on a tea plantation also have the opportunity to participate, learn and absorb India and tea culture.  He is focusing on serving society with superior quality teas and promoting Indus Foundation to look after the educational needs of local children to be better citizens. lochan on cctv lochan on cctv

He speaks five languages: English, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, and Tamil and regularly participates in exhibitions and conferences.

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拉吉夫 · 罗禅,世界茶叶组织(印度方负责人,中国印度”茶叶大使”,印度茶叶制造商、茶叶专家,西孟加拉邦罗禅茶业有限公司创始人。

canada tea association visits india lochan tea
canada tea association visits india lochan tea


拉吉夫于 1974 年进入茶产业,对大吉岭茶有极为丰富的经验。拉吉夫多年来致力于改进印度茶产业。尤其是,他还研究了中国茶叶商业模式,并与本国茶业同步,在全球范围内提升印度茶的形象和销售。他的多克茶园是世界各地希望获得茶叶生产机会的学生的学习中心。在多克茶园,学生不仅能深入学习茶叶知识,还能获得茶叶营销和推广方面的各种理念。而希望留在茶园体验的游客也有机会参与、 学习和吸收印度文化和茶文化。拉吉夫专注以优质茶服务社会,并且通过照顾当地有教育需求的儿童成为更好公民而致力于发展印度基金会。

拉吉夫会讲五种语言︰ 英语、 印地语、 尼泊尔语、 孟加拉语和泰米尔语,并定期参加各种展览和会议。

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Lochan Japan India Tea
Lochan Tea awarded best green tea in Japan


A bridge of Tea—By Rajiv Lochan

It was China which had tea initially and the debate carries on how it spread worldwide and after traveling far and wide for business I feel it is most appropriate way of spreading the message of tea by presenting ceremonies in diverse ways. Recently our government did a India China culture week with yoga as the central theme but it is not complete without tea so on 20th June 2016 we performed in Wenzhou thru our Shanghai consulate in the city tea market about the historical links which like 茶马古道 are another form of 茶桥梁。。


茶的桥梁——拉吉夫 · 罗禅

茶发源于中国,而茶是如何传播到世界各地的存有争议。在因业务需要我四处游历之后,我认为,以不同的形式来展示礼仪,即是茶叶讯息传播的最适当的方式。不久前,我国政府开展了印度中国文化周活动,活动以瑜伽为主题,但不是完全没有茶。因此在 2016 年 6 月 20 日,我们通过上海印度领事馆在温州市茶叶市场开展了类似于茶马古道的另一种茶桥梁形式的与历史联系有关的茶事活动。