On November 1, 2016, World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) President Dr. Tea Dr. Xingcai Zhang offered his lecture on “Pu Erh Tea” at Harvard School of Public Health. This is Dr. Tea`s third lecture at Harvard School of Public Health since 2014, and the first two lectures are happened to be the last one of first century history of Harvard School of Public Health and the first lecture of the new century of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

Dr. Tea introduced his three experiences that initiated this lecture: Yunnan TV station documentary Interview, Tea Fest for US President’s Family at Chinese Consulate General, and the impact of formal Harvard Public Health Lectures. Recently, Yunnan TV staffs made a special trip to Boston to do a documentary interview with Dr. Tea on Pu Erh Tea. Yunnan TV learned from Phoenix TV leaders that Dr. Tea is a famous tea expert, and later on they learned that the Chinese Consulate General in the United States had invited Dr. Tea leading the North American Chinese Tea Association (WTeaO.org/NACTeaA) and mylovetea.com team to do a special Tea Fest for United States President George H. W. Bush`s family. Chinese tea culture, tea science, health benefits and Mylovetea Fun Art are shown to the President`s family, which was highly appreciated. President`s family enjoyed three famous teas including the Pu Erh Tea from Yunnan, Health Goddess Tea from Fujian, Dr. Tea`s hometown and the prime West Lake Beauty Tea. Harvard school of public health faculty Maynard is a lover of Pu Erh Tea and shared those informations above with his colleagues and friends and shared his life changing experience with Pu Erh Tea on weight-loss etc which initiated this lecture.


WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard lecture

The content of the lecture is very rich and novel: it covers 1)the Yunnan Pu’erh Lancang River Basin is the world’s earliest tea plantation source, 2)the ancient tea tree ancestors, 3)tea (people) ancestors, and 4)summarize the history of world tea as Pu Erh Tea history plus Bohea Tea history as the most original, influential and representative. Also Dr. Tea talked about the 5) emperors and the Presidents closely related to Pu Erh Tea. 6)Tea: Healthy Living Life. 7)Tea Trading & Tour (past & now) 8)Pu Erh Tea Production 9)Tea science 10)Tea health benefits and 11) Variations & Tasting


Particularly impressive is the scientific facts about the Yunnan Pu Erh region as the world’s earliest tea source. It has the world’s only complete ecological chain of ancient teas: including 3540 years of tea fossils and all kind of old age trees alive. A case in point, 3200 years old Feng Qing Tea Tree King, is still survive in good condition, and the tea leaves are still used for drinking and had been sold at the price of 400,000 RMB ($60,000), and the origin of the most famous tea brand Phoenix Dianhong together with Xiaoxianghong tea help sponsored the black teas for the World Tea Organization Mid-autumn Tea-Qin Gathering at MIT/Charles(Cha/Tea) River, making Yunnan tea available to the world by the World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org), North American Chinese Tea Association (NACTeaA) and mylovetea.com Dr. Tea team. Those teams also make Pu Erh Tea as one of the most representative of Chinaese tea to US President family etc, hosted by the Chinese Consulate General and those pictures were shown on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, making it a bridge for Sino-US friendship and cultural exchanges. Combined with the tea lecture Dr. Tea offered at Harvard Yenqing Library, “Bohea tea: the bridge of the world history,” Yunnan Pu Erh tea as the world’ s origin of teas, together with the Bohea Tea benchmarked China`s Tea on the entire world history. Those teas produced more than a hundred years ago had kept well in shape and is still drinkable, showing tea as a good example as a healthy and pure life.

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard School of Public Health lecture

WTeaO.org Dr Tea Harvard School of Public Health lecture

Most of the attenders of the Harvard public health lectures are Americans. Through the lecture they are confirmed that tea is from China and is a healthy drink. They express the lecture being very fruitful and asked a lot of questions, which had been well answered by Dr. Tea. For example, on the origin of tea being in India or China, in addition to detailed scientific evidence, Dr. Tea also took out a famous picture which he used at Boston University lectures. It is a selected picture of Boston.com on the Boston Tea Party Annual Reenactment: Dr tea dumped the Tea”! And another picture of his own at the Old South Meeting House. It is Dr. Tea carrying a tea box marked ” East India Company” and“Tea “, both in Chinese. Also those questions related to the British Tea Queen and tea drinking fashion, etc. etc are well answered. For the health benefits and the science of tea, Dr. Tea mentioned the World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) lecture at MIT on“Tea, Nanomedicine and Human Health” lectures and his scientific paper <<tea and cancer prevention>> , and gave a detailed and in-depth answer. Also audience expressed their interest in Dr. Tea`s clothing. Dr. tea said that the Chinese HanFu is the traditional clothes Chinese wear before the Qing Dynasty and had been spread out all over east Asia. When asked what is the difference with the traditional Chinese clothing, Dr. Tea said it is the “green mountain, blue lake” costume initated by himself, which not only shows a great respect to the tradition, but also an innovative design, which expressed the same dream, mission and actions the World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org) , North American Chinese Tea Association and mylovetea.com are working on: create the lead the world tea culture of “Healthy Harmony Pure Nature”. A case in point, the Mylovetea logo is a heart shape expressing love with blue and green in color, reflecting the “green mountains (m) blue lake(l) and pure tea (t)” The world tea culture of “Healthy Harmony Pure Nature” is our dream and passion, and the attitude we can take to face the society, the nature, the Dao (God).  It is the initiative of the World Tea Organization (WTeaO.org), NACTeaA and mylovetea.com, and will continue to guide our way for a better world of tea.


At the meeting, people also tasted the tea with Dr. Tea brewed using one of the tea sets used for the tea ceremony for the US President`s family. People are delighted by the tea served and asked for more.


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讲座开场茶博士介绍了这次普洱茶讲座的缘起和涵盖的内容。茶博士说这次讲座缘起于三个因素云南台采访,总统家族的茶会,哈佛公卫之前讲座的受欢迎。近期云南电视台的工作人员们专程到波士顿对茶博士进行了专访和纪录片拍摄活动。云南电视台从凤凰卫视的相关领导处了解到茶博士,了解到应中国驻美总领馆邀请,茶博士带领北美华茶驿站(WTeaO.org/NACTeaA)和mylovetea.com的团队专程为美国老布什总统家族进行过茶道茶艺茶科学茶文化和愛茶艺(mylovetea fun art)的全面呈现,而提供给总统家族品饮的三款茶中就包含了来自云南的普洱茶,茶博士家乡福建的铁观音和明清的西湖龙井。茶博士在哈佛公卫的老茶友Maynard老师等纷纷在美国社交媒体转发和分享支持,表示以茶博士为友为傲,并分享了品饮普洱茶带来的减肥效果和生命改变的体会。鉴于茶博士之前在哈佛公卫学院的茶科学茶道艺等讲座内容丰富新颖而有独创性而备受欢迎,于是就有了这次的哈佛公卫学院的普洱茶讲座。

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哈佛公卫讲座上的大多数是亚洲以外的人们,这次讲座大家触动很大,反映强烈,通过讲座大家确认了茶源自中国,源自云南普洱地区,也获得了很多收获,提了很多问题,都得到了茶博士很好的解答。关于茶起源的印度与中国说,除了翔实的科学证据外,茶博士还拿出了在他在波士顿大学讲座上使用的波士顿网的精选倾茶事件图片:茶博士倾茶图,以及他自己在波士顿旧南区聚会所考察发现的标有“东印度公司 茶”中文字样的茶箱等有利的说明了普洱作为茶起源与武夷茶作为世界历史的桥梁的作用。也就饮茶皇后和饮茶时尚等做了详尽解答。对于茶科学与茶健康方面,茶博士也结合他在MIT组织的世界茶叶组织《茶,纳米药物与人类健康》讲座和自己的科学论文《茶与癌症预防》等进行了详尽而深入的解答。也有专门对茶博士身上穿的汉服表示兴趣的,茶博士介绍说汉服是清代之前华夏民族漫长历史中普遍的穿衣模式,也流传到东南亚各地。当被问到与传统汉服有什么不同时,茶博士说这是茶博士首创的“青山碧水服”,这是一个尊重传统,又创新还道的一种设计,世界茶叶组织(WTeaO.org),北美华茶驿站和mylovetea.com都以蓝绿相间为色调,体现了“青山碧水 绿树蓝天”的梦,以my love tea的logo为例,上面绿色的山,下面蓝色的河,中间是纯美的茶(T),“自然 健康 纯美 和谐”是茶博士提出和引领的世界茶文化,“这是我们面对自己,面对社会,面对自然,面对道(神)的态度,也是最能够使大家真正受益的茶道茶文化,是世界茶叶组织(WTeaO.org),北美华茶驿站和mylovetea.com持续努力的初心和方向”。



  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea
    Chinese Foreign Ministry: US President enjoys tea