Happy International Tea Day! May 21th, 2020! Tea is good for health!


Please share your video/words with the slogan/hashtag” #WorldTeaDayEnjoyTea—WTeaO.org to celebrate the UN-recognized world tea day together with world-wide tea lovers.

Introduction: World Tea Day was initiated in 2005 among world tea production countries. Through 15 years of effort, more than 50 countries from all over the world now participated in the World Tea Day events. It is now recognized by the United Nation and the date is set to be May 21st. The slogan initiated by World Tea Organization is “World Tea Day, Enjoy Tea” which means “Enjoy Tea, Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Moment”. It is adapted from Buddha Zhaozhou (778–897) of the Chinese Tang Dynasty who lived 120 years. The activities of World Tea Day include My Love Tea Ceremony; Respect the Elderly Tea Fest; Tea and Love Movie Fest; World Tea Day lectures etc. My Love Tea Ceremony is a tea ceremony that expresses love through a cup of tea. People sit in a circle, prepare, and serve tea to those who sit next to them and forms a directional flow of love by serving tea. My Love Tea Ceremony shows all participants that “The World is one, I love everyone, everyone loves me”. This event had been introduced to and supported by (former) UN Secretary-General, US Presidents, etc.

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